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Updated Wednesday 28 Sep 2005

What we do:

We provide adults the advantage of developing professional and marketable skills to compete in the community/global marketplace, to improve self-esteem, and benefit from exposure to possible role models, so they, too, can become community mentors for other adults and young students.

SACB will help to provide low-income, single-parent families with refurbished computer, printer, and school supplies.

We survive on cash donations, fundraisers and the contributions of working and fixable computers and supplies. We use cash to purchase books and school supplies for students. All funds we receive are used to either repair equipment, buy books and school supplies. When funds permit, it will also help with the costs of providing training and resources, to the adults and students that we help.

Our business history:

We started off by just helping out with computer needs and helping adults get the resources they needed to get working. We found that there was a great need throughout the United States and that we would be an assest to those less fortunate. Since the Arizona is so large, we decided to concentrate within our community and Southern Arizona. In 2000, we became a corporation and a Non-Profit 501 (c)(3) Organization.

About our staff:

SACB started off with only one member and has now grown to a team made up of Directors, Members, Associates and Volunteers.

What makes us unique:

When we ask people to donate computers, etc., we don’t resell them for a profit. We repair and donate them to the adults and students we help; so they can use them to better their dreams and goals of a successful future in life.

This is a good way to finally get rid of your unwanted, but repairable office equipment, computers, fax machine, copiers, adding machines, phones, etc. You can also get rid of excess supplies; see following page for a list of items that are needed. All charitable donors will recieve a receipt for tax write-off purposes, if needed.

Again, you would not only be helping our community, you would be freeing up your space from all that extra unneeded equipment and excess supplies.

The center is always in need of help. If you know ahead of time that you will be in the area, have some free time, and would like to volunteer your knowledge, resources, advice, business and technical skills, please contact us.

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